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For discussion and archiving of various webrings and websites throughout the world wide web. Found an interesting website? Share it here!
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Ye Olde Blogroll (

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Ye Olde Blogroll is a regularly updated blogroll consisting mostly of personal blogs and small websites. It notes RSS/ATOM feeds for blogs that have them (the vast majority do). The person behind the project, Raymond Hines, runs an interesting travel blog ( He accepts submissions and regularly adds to the blogroll, so I recommend submitting yours if it fits the theme.

A few blogs I added to my feed list from Ye Olde Blogroll (probably not entirely exhaustive):

* The Scholar's Stage:
* Privacy Dad's Blog:
* Open Source Musings:
* The Cheapskate's Guide:
* Manu Moreale:
* Rubnerd:
* This Day's Portion:
* Brain Baking:
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